The Office: A Well-Oiled Machine

The Importance of Replacement Ink Cartridges

Every office has its particular personality, whether it is segmented by the various departments, or characterized by a good work flow. Some companies have a massive number of employees in one place, all working together in an intricate mess of parts. Then there are those companies that have just a few select workers that get the job done, day in and day out. No matter what though, there are key elements that make any office function properly and efficiently. One of the more underrated parts of the office is the office supply chain. Pens, ink, staplers, tape, even the collection of sticky notes that have been acquired over time – all have a place in the office world.

Ink Cartridge Refill

In the heat of a major presentation, or as you prepare for a year-ending project, the essentials have to be in place. If you don’t have what you need when you need it – you can be on the wrong end of a major deal. Ensure your company is always in the driver’s seat, and buy your ink cartridge refills at Double Inks.

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Compatible Ink

What are recycled ink cartridges?

Simply put, a compatible ink cartridge refers to one not produced by the original manufacturer of a printer. However when replaced, it still functions the exact same way that the initial product did.

Great Value

Compatible toners are packaged in a number of different ways. Regardless of casing, remanufactured cartridges are typically priced far lower than the originally manufactured merchandise.


Compatible ink cartridges are made for numerous variations of printing machine, including; multifunction printers, inkjet printers, copiers, fax machines, and laser printers. Some compatibles are made from all new parts whereas others are comprised of recycled components.


The functioning of a printer cartridge needs to be measured by factors like printing method, printing quality, paper yield, and printer compatibility.

We, at Double Inks, specialize in the distribution of quality compatible ink cartridges, boasting a huge selection of printer ink solutions that’ll keep your office stocked.

Visit our website and learn more!

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Choosing Between Brand and Knock Off Ink

5Know the Difference

The difference is, there is no difference! Many companies out there try to convince you that your knock off ink could do damage to your printer at home. We at Double Inks beg to differ with this statement!

Same chemicals are being used

That is right! Same ingredients for cheaper is basically what it is. Unless you have a project that requires the best color and ink, you can settle for the cheaper, knock off ink because it won’t make a difference in printing your homework or bills!

It Completes the Same Job6

As mentioned up above, if you have a home or office printer printing out everyday things such as letters, envelopes and documents, it’s not going to make much of a difference. The only time we would suggest the actual Ink brand is in the event that you are a graphic designer, or need to print photos, etc.

Forget the Myth

Knock off cartridges DO NOT mess up your printer nor void your warranty. As long as the ink cartridge is designated to your printer, you can print all you want!

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3 Tips for Conserving Printer Ink


  1. Low Per-Page Cost Printer: While it may seem like you are getting a deal when purchasing a low-priced printer, you may end up paying more in ink costs down the road. Spring for a printer with low ink per-page printing for added savings in the future.
  2. Pay Little Mind to Low Cartridge Warnings: Oftentimes, printers will warn that ink levels are low well before they are actually empty. Wait until your printed pages are illegible before replacing cartridges.
  3. Do Not Buy in Bulk: Ink has an expiration date. Instead of buying a bunch of ink in bulk that could expire before use and consequently harm your printer, it is best to buy ink as you need it.


Are you looking to buy more ink for your printer? Double Inks offers a wide selection of ink to suit all your printing needs.

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Three Types Of Printers


1. Ink Jet

An ink jet printer is highly recommended for printing photographs, as it has the best color blending capabilities. Ink jets are also great printing on a wide variety of media.

2. Laser or LED

These printers are more common in office settings, offering a faster printing option than ink jet as well as cheaper refills.

3. Snapshot

These printers are solely for printing out photographs. They’re much smaller than their office counterparts, and you can plug your camera directly into the printer.

For all your printer toners, ink cartridges and more, visit today.

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3 Ways to Save Printer Ink


  1. Find the right printer – The best way to save money on printer ink, is to make sure you have the appropriate printer for your needs. If you plan on doing a lot of printing you need to make sure you buy a printer with cheap ink cartridges, since you’ll probably be changing them often.
  2. Don’t replace too soon – Many printers will warn you of low ink in the cartridges way too early. If you can, wait it out until you visibly notice you’re running low on ink. You’ll be surprised at how long it actually takes.
  3. Beware of third party ink – The cheap prices of third party ink may draw you in, but be careful. Third party ink can turn out to be a bigger headache than you bargain for. The ink sometimes prints degraded and ruins your printouts. Research before you buy.

Looking to get your hands on some high quality ink cartridges? will give you that and more for a great price!

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Best Printers for Digital Images


Color Laser: Color laser printers are perfect for printing digital photos if you plan on doing so only on occasion. Unlike Inkjet printers color laser printers can remain unused for long periods of time without drying out. However, color laser does lack photorealistic quality.

Photo inkjet: These printers spray fluid ink from cartridges and produce photorealistic prints on glossy or semi-glossy paper. Photo inkjet’s come with up to an eight color ink system!

Dye-Sublimation: These printers heat up the ink or dye and creates smooth photos on glossy paper. This technology is ideal only for photos printed less than 11×14 inches.

If you are interested in a new printer or printer supplies please visit

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